Got Questions?

1. How do I know you provide good content?

We have the expertise of the founders who have been in the language business for over 17 years. The company was created about 7 years ago and we have in-house content writers dedicated and working round the clock to provide high quality contents on time.

2. What happens if I don’t like the quality?

Quality is discussed at the time of project finalization. If the quality is not up to your expectations,

a) We can offer alternative articles by the same author

b) We can change the writer and provide another writer

c) You may cancel the order and don’t need to pay anything

HOWEVER, in such case you will not use the written content by our author

3. What happens if a project is large and I wish to cancel?

Normally and in order not to harm the hard working Author, it is best that a small sample (about 100 words) is checked to judge the flair and style of the author. Thereafter, and over time the articles are increased.

4. What quality should you expect from SOW?

It depends where you wish to use the Article. If it is being used for web promotion, quality will be good, but not excellent. The rates will also be the basic. Should you wish content writer for printing, it is best that you select Best quality (5 star) and we too shall be using a creative writer for the job.

5. How about writing as per keywords for SEO promotion?

Absolutely no issues. Just provide the keywords and your website details, the content writer will do some research and use the keywords to write articles for you. Please select 1-star quality for this.

6. What happens if I wish to reject part of the work?

It is completely your choice. However, there are some indicators which you will have to reveal. Why the content was not preferred must be expressed clearly.

7. Will I be able to talk to the Content writer?

In special cases we will arrange and mediate a skype call on conference.

8. How does a Content Writer know that I have used an article after it was cancelled?

The content writer and the SOW team will both check online if the matter has been used. If the client is found using the matter after cancelling the order, we will share the details of the client with the writer and they will take their own decision.

9. How do I know that the content is unique and original?

The content we provide are tested for quality and plagiarism before getting submitted to the client.

10. Will I own the copywrites of the contents you provide?

Yes, once we receive the full payment, the contents provided by us will be yours.

11. What are the content writing rates?

You can have the complete list of price on the website. We provide one-to-one service to our valued customers. We can also provide you personalized quotation after understanding your requirements.

12. Is there any additional charge for revision of content?

We provide you one round of revision free. If there is some issue with the matter, we will get it corrected by the writer. After this we normally change the writer.

13. If I have a large project, can I test the writing style of your writer?

We readily offer you to get a sample of small portion of your work done by our writer. You can outsource the entire project by us only when you feel satisfied.

14. Do you provide content updating and rewriting services?

Yes, we do. We understand the significance of fresh contents on websites and also regular contents for search engine bots and customers.

15. Can you work on tight deadlines?

Yes, we can. Even when doing this we do not compromise with the quality. We provide you the content when and how we promise.

16. Why deal with SOW when I can deal with my own content writer directly?

We can think of various reasons why to select SOW as your supplier. To name a few, one-point discussion, trust and payment. Your own writer could be on holiday or indisposed which can be managed easily by SOW having many writers. When the client ahead requests for content in other languages, SOW is the best and easiest choice.

17. What services do you offer under content writing?

At SOW, our content writing service includes Web Content Writing, Blog and Article Writing, SEO Copy writing Services, Content Marketing Services, Press Release, News Feeds, News Letter Writing, Social Media Services, Comment Posting Services, Product / Services Description Writing, Email Campaign Writing, Book Review, Product Review Writing, Proofreading and Copy editing and many more. You can also get in touch with us if you are looking for professional and descriptive writing for products and services of your business.