Quality Rating in Stars

The requirement and pricing between content written for SEO and for advertisement, requires different abilities in writers and naturally differ too much in the prices.
Thanks to the Hotel Industry, it is easier to understand this rating and star system for pricing.
Rates are also accordingly set and we suggest that you select the rating you prefer.
To calculate the rate for specialized writing, add the percentage as mentioned below to the regular prices.
Should you find it uncomfortable, do contact us to clarify.

1 Star – REGULAR

For – SEO of websites

Rates – Regular + 0

Content required for this category is less researched and written with lesser flair. Normally, keywords are kept in mind while creating content and at times to attract the reader, popular words are also used. Regular bulk content required must be selected in this rating.


For – Websites and Web Pages

Rates – Regular + 25%

You can expect formal writing in this rating. This kind of content requires good knowledge of the subject. It will need more research and will be more in tune with the business the website will be offering.


For – Newspapers and Journals

Rates – Regular + 75%

Content in this rating will contain more information, and will be checked for perfection in grammar, flair of writing and devoid of errors. Lesser creativity and more concentration on the information and perfection can be expected.


For – Special requirements like speeches, legal, technical, medical or projects requiring domain knowledge

Rates – Regular + 125%

Special knowledge when required, will require a pin pointed writer. Here the writer must have an expertise of the subject. Either a special flair in the style of writing or good knowledge of the subject falls in this category.


For – Creative writing skills as in Advertisements, Brochures

Rates – Regular + 150%

Here the writer will be very creative, can not make mistakes and understands clearly the demographics addressed. This kind of writing style is the poetry of writing words and an art by itself.