Dear Writer,

 At Soul of Words we provide CONTENT WRITING services to many companies across the world.

We are in the process of approving and adding more creative writers to our list of suppliers.

BUSINESS PROCESS – Our client gives us a topic and the quantity of words to be written. The writer researches and presents an article. Approval or rejection is dependent on the client’s discretion and payments are transferred only for approved projects. Being a specialized job, your experience in content writing and expertise in domain will be most helpful.

We invite you to offer us your best rates for content writing keeping in mind that we supply to companies and not direct clients. Quality of content required is based on our Star Rating system as given in the link –

 More information about you will be very helpful –

Languages you offer-  (eg. English, Arabic)

Domain expertise- (eg. Food, Agriculture)

Years in Content writing – (eg. 4)

Rate for general writing – (eg. 0.02 per word English, 0.04 PW Arabic)

Daily capacity – (eg. 1500 w)

Rates for specialised content –  (eg. I am writing for the farming buisinss for 4 years and would charge 0.05 PW for this domain)

Content writing jobs done so far – (eg. 400)

Remarks (Eg I only write part time)

 On your primary approval, we will inform you and request you for some samples.

 Wishing you your best times ahead.