Soul of Words is a content writing service provider. The Site tries to provide a transparent policy to all its users.

  1. The clients are requested to send their requirement via email, chat or call us to discuss the project. It is recommended to have a small sample written by the writer chosen for the project to understand the flair of writing for the first time. Once accepted, you can go ahead and hand over the project details which will be forwarded to the writer. The writer will complete the work and send before deadline.


  1. The content is all ghost-written, which means you own all the rights of the content. You will have the rights once you receive it and you have paid for it.


  1. In case of rejection or revision of the content, you will have to provide the content with reasons for rejecting it. In case of revision, you can provide a considerable amount of time for submission. We are not going to charge for the revision work and you will not have to pay for the rejected work.


  1. If you reject any article or set of articles, you will not be allowed to use it anywhere. If you do so, the writer will be provided your information and he/ she will be free to take action.


  1. In case of long term project, the mode and time of making payments would be set at the time of agreement.


  1. If you have any problem or dispute with the writer, please email us with details and we will contact you soon to redress your problem.


  1. You are free to send your feedback regarding the quality of the content and about our services to you. It will help us make improvements.